"Jacqueline and Nancy created an engaging, thought-provoking and site-specific installation that is deceptively simple and yet powerfully evocative on a number of levels. ...[their] work finds an exciting balance between the representational and the abstract, the rational and the intuitive, the local and the global – all founded on and connected through a profound conceptual approach that remains strongly implicit in its expression."

-John Rice, Cultural Development Officer, North Vancouver Office of Cultural Affairs

We are visual artists and have worked collaboratively since 1997. We met in 1986 through common interests in design, public space, landscape and cultural thought. Our background interests are varied: Nancy’s in drawing, painting, printmaking, curating and teaching; Jacqueline’s in photography, archaeology and literature. These disciplines and influences come together to create an art practice that is conceptual yet grounded in place.

Our interest is in a place, its’ inhabitants and the choreography of the site. Reflections on how we interpret and reinterpret the world underlie the work, which is informed by: materiality, light, space and movement; context and perception - the filters of personal and cultural memory and experience; and by the collaborative process.

One of the threads running through our body of work is a meditation on landscape and culture and on positioning ourselves within the world. Our work reflects on perception and interpretation, on re-contextualizing the familiar or iconic, on how we mythologize the world around us.